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Poppits Toothpaste Pods are Great for Kids!

When my kids were younger and brushed their teeth they would get toothpaste ev-ry-where! They would put way too much on their brush and it would end up all over the sink, the mirror and even the towels!  So we created Kids Poppits – small soluble pods of gel toothpaste. Each pod contains a dentist-recommended amount of toothpaste with no mess and no waste. Say goodbye to gunky plastic toothpaste tubes and say hello to Poppits!

Start oral care young

Did you know that cavities can begin almost as soon as children start getting their teeth? As soon as teeth emerge, begin cleaning them with a soft brush or a wet cloth.  If your water is not fluoridated, then ask your doctor or dentist about fluoride tablets you can add to your drinking water.  This is vital because fluoride is proven to strengthen tooth enamel.  Limit sugary foods and drinks as well as starchy foods and definitely do not allow them after brushing.  Sugar is still the big enemy because sugar is food for bacteria..  The bacteria that cause tooth decay thrive on sugars turning them into acid which then causes tooth decay and cavities.  So it is still important to limit the sugary drinks and snacks and starchy foods that kids love.  Most of what we were taught growing up is still true: we just know more about why tooth decay happens now. 

Teach your kids good brushing habits 

As soon as your kids are eating with a spoon, they are ready to start brushing their own teeth.  Brush with them twice a day (after breakfast and before bedtime) showing them where to brush, how to brush and for how long to brush.  Begin by carefully flossing your children’s teeth for them and instructing them on how and why to properly clean between their teeth.  Use a good toothpaste, like Poppits to clean your child’s pearly whites. We designed Kids Poppits to be a fun way for kids to enjoy oral care. 

Kids love the sensation of popping a pod in their mouth and biting it for a burst of fruity flavor! .  The toothpaste inside our pods  contains hydroxyapatite which helps protect teeth from the damaging effects of sugary foods and it strengthens enamel. .  Kids Poppits pods are also just the right size and will limit the mess and environmental waste of toothpaste tubes.  Each pod contains the dentist-recommended amount of toothpaste for kids aged 7 and older. And of course they come in three great flavors so kids can choose between Berry Burst , Bubble Fruit, or Green Apple. YUM!  Your kids can choose their favorite or they can alternate flavors; whatever will make brushing time as fun as possible! 

Make trips to the Dentist good experiences

How many of us have horror stories from visiting the dentist as a kid?  Let’s break that cycle! Find a good pediatric dentist in your area who is kind and gentle with kids.  Shortly after your children get their first teeth, start making regular checkups to encourage a positive experience.  Reward your kids after appointments.  Probably not with sugar though.  Even if your child gets a cavity, despite all their good habits, stay positive. Cavities happen!  Discuss with your dentist whether a filling is needed or not, and how she/he would do such a procedure with your child.  Talk openly with your kids about how a dentists’ job is to help children keep their teeth strong.  And work with your dentist to keep them as comfortable and relaxed as possible.  Dental work is a common part of ordinary life.  Answer any of their questions and calm their fears.  

Hydroxyapatite toothpaste

Poppits toothpaste pods for children are made with hydroxyapatite instead of fluoride.  Both are proven effective in strengthening and rebuilding tooth enamel.  However, hydroxyapatite has some significant benefits which is why Poppits uses it in our pods.  First, it rebuilds the enamel of our teeth with the same compound that is found in our natural enamel.  Second, testing has shown that hydroxyapatite is at least as effective as fluoride and has whitening effects when used regularly without other additives for the whitening process.  Third, hydroxyapatite is safer, especially for kids.  Fluoride is toxic to humans in large amounts and can lead to fluorosis.  It is very rare, especially from toothbrushing, but can occur when too much fluoride toothpaste is swallowed by small children.  Because hydroxyapatite is a naturally occurring compound in our own bodies (teeth and bones) there is zero chance it can have toxic effects in children.  

So there you have it

Kids Poppits toothpaste pods are a terrific new way to safely encourage our children to enjoy good habits of oral hygiene.  Because your children just use a pod-sized amount of toothpaste they get the right amount for their smaller bodies.  And with three super-tasty flavors to choose from they can find their favorite or alternate them, as they wish. No more  leaky plastic tubes littering your bathroom.  And remember Poppits toothpaste pods are environmentally friendly and plastic free, so you are helping to improve our environment as well!