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Going Tubeless!

If you are like me then you probably have never questioned toothpaste tubes, because they were just an inevitable feature of life.  We need to brush our teeth.  We need to use toothpaste.  Toothpaste needs to be in a tube because it is sticky and goopy and the tube allows us to squeeze a blob on our brush without too much mess.  That is until we lose the cap and the tube lies there and leaks all day.  

Recently, as we have become more environmentally aware, we have begun looking for ways to recycle or reuse the containers we use to hold all kinds of things.  It was inevitable that toothpaste would be one of those things that changed.  And it is a very good idea!  A billion toothpaste tubes end up in our landfills and/or oceans as waste each year.  And these tubes do not break down quickly.  They remain in the ground or water for hundreds of years.  

As a result there is a new movement for tubeless toothpastes to help our environment.  Now there are toothpaste tablets, pastes in glass jars, and toothpaste pods to help us choose our best tubeless toothpaste option!

Toothpaste in recyclable jars

Here is one option for a tubeless toothpaste: put the toothpaste in a recyclable glass jar.  This sounds like a great idea and could be a viable option for those willing to carefully wash and dry their empty jars for recycling.  If the goopy messy toothpaste is left in the jar then recyclers will just add it to the trash heap because recycling glass and other materials requires that they be clean and dry.  So how many of us are going to clean and dry all our recycling especially the goopy toothpaste jar before we throw it into the recycling?… I rest my case.

Toothpaste pods

Poppits toothpaste pods are a new tubeless toothpaste option that’s much cleaner to use and more attractive than a squeezed-up tube.

They have a thin coating that starts to dissolve in your mouthy and releases the gel toothpaste without mess or waste.  I also know that I can easily recycle the containers the pods come in through my home recycling.  So the idea of toothpaste pods is rather exciting to me.  

Poppits toothpaste pods have a thin water soluble coating that dissolves in your mouth.  This coating surrounds a top tier toothpaste that is released when the user bites down on the pod.  The Poppits toothpaste is carefully formulated to clean, brighten, whiten and rebuild the enamel of your teeth.  And because each pod is filled with just the right amount of amazing toothpaste there is no waste.  The pods are stored in an attractive and fully recyclable aluminum container that keeps them clean, dry and ready for use.  No mess, no hassle, and no tubes that must be thrown away.  

Poppits toothpaste pods are the perfect blend of a classic toothpaste experience with a modern environmentally friendly delivery system.  All the benefits of a supreme toothpaste with none of the bathroom sink mess or the landfills and oceans full of a billion old toothpaste tubes each year.  Visit and order your toothpaste pods today!

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