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The Benefits of Single Use Toothpaste

When I was a kid I remember going to the store and there were quite a few options for different toothpastes to choose from.  There were a couple of Colgate options, a few Crest options, there was a baking soda toothpaste and something for sensitive teeth.  Today when I go to the store and look at the options I feel overwhelmed!  I can’t make up my mind about brand, size, flavor, whitening, breath freshening, and on and on.  And the new options just keep pouring in, especially now that so many people do their shopping online where the variety is endless.  

New varieties of toothpaste are being developed to appeal to kids, parents, travelers, environmentally friendly consumers, all-natural, organic, and other specific needs and wants.  One of the newest kids in town, in the ever broadening toothpaste market, is individual use toothpaste.  These single use toothpastes already come in a myriad of options including individual packets of toothpaste, toothpaste tablets, capsules, pellets and pods.  So what are some of the benefits of these new players in our expanding array of toothpaste options for all?

Great for Travel!

One obvious benefit is that single use toothpastes are great for business travelers who need to get through airport security quickly and frequently.  These individual toothpaste options make it easy to carry only what you need and not have to worry about getting stopped at security.  For that matter, anyone who is travelling (especially by airplane), will find it beneficial to use these lightweight single use options.  They will keep weight to a minimum, open a smidge more room in your suitcase or carry-on luggage, and have you prepared with the right amount of toothpaste for the length of your trip.  They can even be stashed in multiple places so that if any luggage is lost there will still be a supply of toothpaste for your vacation.  

Great for the Environment!

Many of these individual use toothpastes do not create any waste!  Did you know that a billion plastic toothpaste tubes get added to our landfills or our oceans every year?  Using something like Poppits toothpaste pods that come in recycleable aluminum canisters, instead of toothpaste tubes, would go a long way towards cutting down on all that plastic waste.  Poppits toothpaste pods contain real gel toothpaste sealed in a soluble bubble pod that dissolves in your mouth.  That means they create no waste!  That’s great for the environment!

Great for Kids!

Kids love to try new things.  And these individual options are new.  Besides that they aren’t messy like toothpaste tubes that lose their tops and leak all over the bathroom.  Another great thing about Poppits toothpaste pods is that they come in three great flavors that kids will love: Strawberry, Bubble Fruit and Green Apple.  And just think how much fun it will be for your kids to pick their flavor of pod and bite down on it to pop it and release the tasty gel toothpaste.  Making tooth brushing fun for children is critical to teaching them great habits and keeping their teeth strong and white for decades to come.  That’s great for kids!

Great for Parents!

What is great for kids is also great for parents.  These individual toothpaste options will keep your bathroom sinks cleaner, lessen the amount of plastic waste you produce, keep your kids interested in brushing their teeth and strengthen, whiten and protect their teeth and yours!  Yes, these single use toothpastes from Poppits are great options for everyday use at home for everyone.  On top of that they offer all of the benefits of the best toothpastes on the market as far as cleaning, brightening, whitening, protecting the enamel and freshening breath.  You get all the benefits of great fluoride toothpaste without the mess, the environmental waste or the travel limitations of toothpaste tubes!

Great for You!

There are so many ways that you can benefit from these new single use toothpastes.  You can be on the cutting edge of oral hygiene by joining the single use toothpaste revolution and also benefit from all these great ways that individual use toothpastes like Poppits toothpaste pods are changing the way we brush and care for our teeth!