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We’ve gone old-school. Back to the classic aluminum tube but we’ve made it better. We added a modern all-metal recyclable cap so there’s zero plastic! 


Does PopGel contain fluoride?

Yes, each PopGel formula contains fluoride to prevent cavities and protect enamel.

Can the aluminum contaminate the toothpaste?

No, the aluminum tubes have a food-grade coating on the inside that prevents any interaction with the toothpaste and preserves the quality and flavor. It is perfectly safe. Aluminum is widely used for many other personal care products, pharmaceuticals and beverages.

How do I recycle the tube and cap?

Both the aluminum tube and the zinc metal cap are recyclable. Open and clean the aluminum tube before putting it in the recycle bin. Unscrew the metal cap and recycle it separately.

What's wrong with plastic toothpaste tubes?

Traditional plastic toothpaste tubes are made of multi-layer plastic that cannot be recycled. 1.5 billion plastic toothpaste tubes end up dumped in US landfills every year, and plastic takes centuries to biodegrade.

The tube is sealed. How do I open it?

Use the puncture tip of the metal cap to pop open the tube. Viola!

Where does Poppits ship to?

We ship throughout the USA (50 states + territories).

When can I expect to receive my order?

Typically, we fulfill orders within 1 business day. Standard domestic shipping is usually 4 to 7 business days unless otherwise indicated at checkout (typically extended during peak holiday seasons).

Return/refund policy

If you receive a damaged product or are dissatisfied please contact us at within 14 days of receipt so we can arrange for a replacement to be shipped to you or a refund.

Who Knew?!

The Truth about Most Toothpastes

Harmful For You

mouth irritation

Contains gum-irritating chemical
additives like SLS.


Uses artificial preservatives such as parabens.


May contain harmful microplastics such as PVP or Poloxamer.

Harmful For The Planet

no plastic

Comes in multi-layer plastic tubes that cannot be recycled.


Over 1.5 billion plastic tubes dumped each year.
Not recycled.

Adds to the over 10 million tons of plastic dumped in our oceans annually.

The good news is you now have options!

Say Hello to PopGel – All the fantastic without any plastic!

simple choices make a big difference

You want better choices. We hear you.

That’s why we’ve created the world’s first genuinely better-for-you toothpaste that’s also better for the environment.

Unlike plastic toothpaste tubes that cannot be recycled, PopGel comes in infinitely recyclable aluminum packaging.

Choose PopGel and choose better – for you and for the planet!

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