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Why Tubeless Toothpaste?

Just like tube tops and cathode tubes, toothpaste tubes were never a good idea.  Okay cathode tubes did a good job until flat screens came along.  But we digress.  About a billion and a half toothpaste tubes are thrown in the world’s landfills each year.  And who knows how many end up in our oceans?  Did you know that it takes an estimated 500 years for a plastic toothpaste tube to decompose?  That’s a lot of long lasting junk in our landfills and oceans.  Some companies are trying biodegradable tubes or recyclable ones.  But, Poppits has come up with a better solution!

No Waste Toothpaste!

With Poppits you use a small toothpaste-filled pod each time you brush.  Inside that soluble  pod is just the right amount of toothpaste for a single brushing.  And every pod is encased in a food-grade, non-toxic water-soluble wrap that dissolves in your mouth releasing whitening gel  toothpaste!  No tubes!  No waste!  

Our products are all about care:

Quality oral care with our specially-formulated whitening toothpastes and end-of-cycle care for our environment. There’s no plastic pollution with Poppits. Our products are packaged in 100% recyclable aluminum. It’s more attractive in your bathroom than a plastic tube and better for the planet after use.  We need to be friendlier to our planet.  Every little way we can take care of Mother Earth is vital for our future.  

Great for Kids!

Poppits are fun for kids!  They come in three great flavors (Berry Burst, Green Apple and Bubble fruit) so kids can choose their favorite or change things up now and then without waiting for their next toothpaste tube.  They have all the great things inside that help to clean, polish and protect their teeth.  And they don’t have to fight over the tube with dirty germy hands and make messes all over the bathroom sink.  No begging your kids to brush. Kids love it!

Easy for Travel

Have you ever thought, “I wonder if my toothpaste tube will make it through airport security?”  Or have you run out of toothpaste in your travel size tube in the middle of your vacation and had to buy one at the hotel for ten bucks or more?  With Poppits you don’t need to worry.   It is easy to set aside two pods for each person for each day you will be on vacation (plus a few extra, just in case).  No worry, no hassle, no mess, no waste!  

Also, if you travel frequently for work, keep a travel sized canister of Poppits in your travel kit and replenish them as needed.  They are small enough that you can even bring them with you wherever you go to make sure your teeth are clean and your breath is fresh for any occasion.

Peace of Mind

We are busy people these days.  We are often spinning lots of plates all at one time and it can be stressful to get the little necessary things in life right.  With all these things you have to worry about isn’t it nice to know that you can get the best toothpaste for you and your family, in multiple flavors, in easy to use pods that make no mess, are fun to use, and help to keep our planet cleaner?  Now that is something to smile about!

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