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Why Changing The Way You Brush Your Teeth Matters More Than Ever

Poppits is a revolutionary new way to use toothpaste.  It’s a mess free tubeless toothpaste with no plastic packaging, so it’s eco-friendly as well.  Using Poppits essentially allows you to pop a toothpaste pod in your mouth, have fun brushing, and get all the foaming cleaning action you love.  And to do this without splattering your clean sink and without wasting all of those squeeze up tubes. 

Poppits believes that zero waste can help save planet Earth by reducing plastic pollution in landfills. If everyone used the correct amount of toothpaste and gave up on plastic tubes, the environmental benefits would be tremendous. We could say goodbye to the 1.5 billion tubes of plastic currently filling up landfills every year. And we could cut down on the amount of wasted toothpaste too, simply by delivering it in dentist-recommended quantities. 

What’s needed is a waste free toothpaste solution that cuts down on both the amount of packaging going into landfills and the quantity of toothpaste people use each time we brush. But designing something that meets this challenge isn’t easy.  Eco dental toothpaste requires some out-of-the-box thinking. 

One problem is this: current toothpaste tubes are not recyclable because they’re made of multi-layer plastics. 

Most toothpaste tubes in use today have an aluminum barrier laminate or a plastic barrier laminate. You can think of this as a kind of sandwich material – there is the regular bendy plastic on the outside, acting as the bread, and then either more rigid plastic or aluminum as the filling between the bendy plastic layers. 

The filling means that you can’t just send the tube off for recycling at a regular facility. Only a few plants in the world will accept them due to the difficulty of separating these materials. 

Another problem with tubes is how to get the right amount of toothpaste on your brush and what to do when your children or significant other forgets to put the cap on after brushing.  Tubes don’t have any features that let you judge the correct amount of toothpaste to squeeze onto your brush, so you often wind up with too little, too much or blobs falling into the sink (that fossilize into rock in a matter of minutes and take ages to remove).  And for some reason there are people who just can’t seem to cap the tube after brushing leaving toothpaste to ooze onto the counter overnight.  Besides that there are often a lot of leftovers that get stuck on the inside, representing even more waste. 

It’s clear we need something better – a zero waste solution that delivers the correct toothpaste amount in each portion, is cleaner to use and looks better beside your “always” clean sink. 

Essentially that is exactly what Poppits do. These toothpaste pods are a zero waste alternative to traditional brushing that gets rid of the tube entirely and replaces it with individual pods that are stored inside an aluminum container that you can recycle easily.

Poppits are zero waste toothpaste pods with real gel toothpaste inside. The way they work is pretty simple.  You take a Poppit out of the container, pop it between your teeth, bite down to break the food grade pouch and release the gel toothpaste. As you brush, the toothpaste foams up and the pouch film dissolves in your mouth.  From there it is just spit and rinse as usual – and that’s it. You’ve elevated your oral care routine to a more modern, fun and efficient way that is kinder to Mother Earth.  Plus, you keep a tidy sink!  It’s a win-win. 

We are supportive of the revolution against plastic pollution today.  We believe that if we want to save planet Earth, we need to collectively do as much as possible to preserve our natural environment. There’s no single silver bullet. Instead it is all about making multiple little changes to our daily routines. And that’s where Poppits come in. They reduce waste in our landfills and oceans while making brushing our teeth just a little more fun. 

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