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Toothpaste | Germs

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us just how careful we need to be about germs and bacteria. Sure, we’re all getting much better at washing and sanitizing our hands and cleaning down surfaces, but have you ever considered the germs on your toothbrush and toothpaste tube?  Eww.

Toothbrush bacteria

Most people don’t think about it because you’re using your toothbrush to clean your teeth, so surely the brush itself must be clean, right? Well, actually, that’s not the case and the average toothbrush is covered in bacteria. Our mouths are already filled with bacteria, most of it good, but if the balance of good and bad bacteria is upset, that can lead to sickness. 

Toothbrush | Germ transfer

When you brush your teeth, you wipe your brush against the toothpaste tube, which means that the bacteria is transferred onto the tube. When you leave your toothpaste tube sitting on the sink, that bacteria will start to spread and multiply. If more than one person is sharing the same toothpaste tube, the bacteria can easily travel from your mouth to your brush, then onto the tube where it will land on somebody else’s brush and end up in their mouth. 

We all do the swipe along the top of the tube to get the paste on the brush, and that’s just rubbing bacteria all over your toothbrush. Most people are horrified by the idea of sharing a toothbrush with somebody else but when you share a toothpaste tube, the end result is basically the same. This is a big problem, especially if the person that brushed their teeth before you has the flu or even COVID-19. 

So, if your toothbrush, toothpaste tube and sink are all covered in bacteria, how are you supposed to clean your teeth without getting sick? 

Individual toothpaste

The good news is, germ free tooth brushing is possible with Poppits. you simply pop a soluble toothpaste pod in your mouth and it will dissolve and foam up as you brush  Spit and rinse for a clean smile. No more squeezed-up tubes.  Poppits aren’t just more hygienic , they’re also a lot more eco-friendly than using plastic tubes, as they’re packaged in a slick aluminum container that’s infinitely recyclable. 

If you are fed up with dirty toothpaste tubes, join the toothpaste  revolution with Poppits! 

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