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Poppits are environmentally safe toothpaste pods

We all want to be environmentally friendly!  It is up to us to take care of the one precious planet we have.  We cannot continue to try to hide our trash in landfills and oceans. So, with the equivalent of three Empire State Buildings full of used plastic toothpaste tubes being added to our landfills each year, switching to  Poppits can help us all clean up our environment because Poppits use zero plastic. Fantastic!  

Stop buying plastic tubes 

Those 1.2 billion plastic toothpaste tubes that get landfilled every year are so unnecessary.  Think about it; every plastic toothpaste tube that we’ve ever used is still out there somewhere! When you buy Poppits toothpaste pods you are buying environmentally friendly toothpaste, as they are packaged in recycleable aluminum canisters rather than the non-recycleable multi-layer plastic tubes used by most current brands  The brushed aluminum canister with twist-off lid is a stronger, more visually attractive container than a squeezed-up plastic tube. Aluminum is a natural element. As natural as oxygen. It’s the world’s most abundant metal and it’s infinitely recyclable with no degradation.  Replacing plastic packaging with aluminum packaging means you can stop buying those plastic tubes that take over 500 years to decompose.  

That means no waste and no mess for you and no plastic pollution for the planet.  It means simply great tasting toothpaste that whitens, cleans, polishes and strengthens your enamel.  Good for the environment.  Great for you!

What is earth friendly toothpaste?

One of the main issues with recycling toothpaste tubes is how difficult it is to clean goopy paste from the plastic or plastic/aluminum tubes in order to recycle them.   Secondly, these tubes are made of multi-layer plastic that simply cannot be recycled. But with a billion of these plastic tubes filling our landfills and oceans every year, we want to prevent the environmental messes we are creating on our planet.  Poppits toothpaste pods dissolve in your mouth as you brush your teeth.  They keep the goopy paste out of any containers and strictly in your mouth and on your teeth.  These handy pods also keep their attractive aluminum containers clean and therefore easily reusable or recyclable.  Earth friendly toothpaste makes it easy to keep hundreds of millions of empty toothpaste tubes from ever reaching our oceans or our landfills.  Poppits toothpaste pods keep our planet a lot cleaner while most importantly cleaning, protecting and whitening your teeth and freshening your breath! 

The Choice is Yours

If you can have a great tasting toothpaste with all the usual benefits of dental cleaning, polishing, whitening and strengthening of tooth enamel; without adding to the mountain of plastic pollution that is ending up in our landfills or oceans; then your choice is an easy one.  Make the switch.  Order your Poppits earth-friendly toothpaste pods. They will be available from our website soon!