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Top Reasons why you should try Toothpaste Pods!

Are you tired of cleaning toothpaste off the side of the sink, the taps, perhaps even the walls or ceiling (if you have children)? Perhaps you despair at the thought of contributing to the mountains of plastic waste whenever you purchase a tube of toothpaste? Wouldn’t it be great to have a tube free and plastic free toothpaste?

The good news is that zero waste toothpaste is here! There is a better way of brushing your teeth and your kids teeth, without the mess. You no longer need to use those plastic tubes, meaning it is cleaner for the planet and for your bathroom too. We’re talking about Poppits!

All you do is pop the little pod into your mouth and bite it.  The Poppits pod releases a tasty, fresh toothpaste directly into your mouth. The exact amount of toothpaste you need will foam up while you are brushing, and the water-soluble film coating will dissolve. No tube and no mess; it is the perfect solution. Plus, it’s pretty fun too! After all, if you are going to be cleaning your teeth twice a day, you may as well enjoy it, right?

What are the main reasons to use toothpaste pods?

Now that you know what toothpaste pods are, let’s take a look at the many reasons why you will want to use them in your home.

Easy to Use

Kids Poppits come in three great flavors (Strawberry, Green Apple and Bubble fruit), are very easy to use, and create no mess. If you’ve ever spilled toothpaste all over the taps, splattered it on the bathroom mirror, scrubbed its fossilized remains from the bottom of your sink, and you wonder how on earth it got there; toothpaste pods are perfect for you.

Whitens teeth and Repairs Enamel

Poppits Extra Whitening pods are specifically formulated to whiten teeth and remineralize your very own tooth enamel. This process strengthens teeth and prevents enamel erosion that is caused by bacteria that live in your mouth and consume the sugary and starchy foods that get stuck on the surfaces of your teeth.  As they digest the sugars and starches they create acid which dissolves the protective enamel covering your precious teeth.  Repairing your enamel defends against the tooth decay created by these acids and builds healthier stronger teeth.  Repairing your enamel also helps to reduce tooth sensitivity and promotes excellent gum health. 

Plus, improved oral hygiene starts with the right doses, right? Poppits provides the correct dentist-recommended amount of toothpaste every time. 

No plastic waste

Did you know that plastic toothpaste tubes cannot be recycled because they are made of multi-layer plastic? That means every plastic tube ends up in our landfills!  The vast majority of toothpaste on the market is sold in plastic tubes, which creates terrible consequences on natural habitats and wildlife worldwide.  Poppits give you all the benefits of your favorite tube toothpaste in a plastic free toothpaste option.

Poppits are zero waste toothpaste pods! Our toothpaste pods are packaged in a shiny aluminum twist-open canister. Definitely more attractive than a squeeze plastic tube!  (Do I squeeze from the end or the middle?)  The aluminum canisters are fully recyclable and by using Poppits you will be helping to reduce plastic pollution in landfills across the US. 

100% Vegan

On the lookout for vegan toothpaste? More and more people are looking for a vegan toothpaste option.  Look no further because you will be happy to learn that our toothpaste pods are 100% vegan!  Go Veggies!

Fun to Brush!

Has tooth brushing time ever been a problem for you with your kids?  There is no denying that toothpaste pods make a lot more fun for anyone to brush their teeth.  Even kids!  Plus, you won’t have to deal with the mess that comes from regular tube toothpaste anymore!

All of these things plus the three great flavors (Strawberry, Green Apple and Bubble fruit) make our pods great for any parent who struggles to get his or her children to brush their teeth. Kids love it! Once a chore, no longer a bore! 

Mission of Poppits

At Poppits, we have worked hard to create a specifically formulated selection of effective toothpaste pods so that you can revolutionize your brushing habits. What our work and creativity means for you is that it has never been easier to achieve healthier, brighter and whiter teeth for you and for your family!  And we will be working together to clean up our planet at the same time!

We empower people around the world to brush their teeth better using our premium toothpaste in a way that is more convenient, cleaner for your bathroom and reduces plastic pollution. Now that’s something to smile about!