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We’re changing the game. Bringing you fantastic oral care products and innovation in eco-kind packaging.

We’re all about creating a product that makes you feel good about using it every day, right through to the end-of-use cycle of the packaging.

Join the toothpaste revolution

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Popgel™ is the world’s first 100% plastic-free toothpaste tube with metal cap.   The stylish stand-up tube is made of sustainable aluminum and comes with a recyclable metal cap.
Fabulous whitening toothpaste gel, available in 3 natural flavors.  A perfect blend of the effectiveness you want, without the stuff you don’t.

✓ Whitening
✓ Anticavity
✓ Antiplaque
✓ Vegan
✓ Natural mint
✓ Dentist created

✕ No SLS
✕ No parabens
✕ No triclosan
✕ No presevatives
✕ No plastic

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We’ve been working for quite a while on developing our signature patented toothpaste beads. We’re getting close and have discovered unique ways to make the concept even better.  It’ll take more time to perfect it and we’re very excited about it.  Stay tuned.  Revolutions come in stages. We’re just getting started!

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