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Poppits founder Wayne Solan is a neat freak. While cleaning his bathroom one day he looked at a squeezed up plastic tube of toothpaste with dried up gunk around the nozzle and thought: "ew gross! There 's gotta be a cleaner way to use toothpaste. These plastic tubes can’t even be recycled. What if toothpaste came in a little bubble that you just pop in your mouth!"
That’s it!


So he invented it! Moved to Japan, rented a lab and developed his idea. Fast forward through the patents and prototypes, and Poppits was born!

Poppits tin and pod

Coming Soon

Development is underway and Poppits will launch later in 2023.


Edible Gel On The Outside

Each Poppit is a small gel bubble filled with minty fresh toothpaste. Just pop it in your mouth and bite it for a burst of toothpaste. The edible outer gel film breaks up while you brush.

Gel pod

Gel Toothpaste on the Inside

Inside each bite-sized poppit is a dentist-recommended amount of foaming gel toothpaste.
Brush, spit and rinse as usual. Presto!

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