With Zero-Plastic.

Poppits® is part of a revolution. We’ve made a conscious choice to ditch plastic. Instead, we pack our soluble toothpaste pods in a snazzy recyclable aluminum canister. We’ve created a product that’s simply better for the planet:  plastic free toothpaste.

We’re also leading the way and helping other brands create innovative products while saying “no” to plastic.

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Join the Poppits revolution and brush better.

Did you know 1.2 billion plastic toothpaste tubes are dumped in our landfills every year?

  • Crazy right?!  Plastic toothpaste tubes are made of multi-layer plastic that cannot be recycled.
  • Plastic takes up to 500 years to biodegrade.
  • Think of it: every plastic tube you’ve ever used is still out there.

Our patented innovation is a more efficient, cleaner way to use toothpaste. Zero-plastic. We’re all about being strong on oral care while kinder to the planet.

Sustainably Sourced

Our cardboard and paper are sustainably sourced, FSC certified, biodegradable and recyclable.

Responsible Materials

That’s right!. Our plastic-free products are responsibly made. We’re talking biodegradable/recyclable cardboard and infinitely recyclable aluminum. Aluminum is a lightweight natural element and does not rust. Perfect for a clean bathroom surface.


Poppits are manufactured right here in the USA by one of the most trusted toothpaste companies in the US, committed to the highest level of integrity and quality.

extra whitening toothpaste pods

Toothpaste Pods

  • Extra whitening formula
  • Antiplaque
  • Dentist-recommended amount of toothpaste in each pod
  • Contains 60 pods

Join The Revolution

Modern lifestyle

Poppits are designed to be an incredibly easy lifestyle choice that has a tiny impact on your routine but a massive impact on the earth.

You know how people say: one person won’t make a difference? We respectfully disagree.  When you choose Poppits, you’re choosing change. Zero waste toothpaste. It’s one of the simplest switches you could make.

Behold, we’ve prepared this fancy graphic to prove it.

poppits - eco-friendly tootpaste pods

Feels Good

Ahh. enjoy the warm and fuzzy feeling of knowing you’re making a change to reduce plastic pollution every time you brush your teeth. That’s something to smile about.